"... this gives me hope, I feel better just from your questions..." - Jessie

Has the passion dissapeared from your relationship?

And you're just left with crickets in the bedroom?

If you are one of millions of women experiencing this, book your Free Love & Connection Assessment!

You’ll learn things about yourself you never knew you could

You want closeness but his lack of interest leaves you feeling rejected? You feel like your relationship is losing its spark and the deep connection you once had?

Love & Connection Assessment will help you get to the bottom of why you feel so disconnected from your partner

Together, you and I will:

What's the cost you ask?

It’s totally free
And no, there is no catch or awkward sales pitch.

But a word of warning… many people who have these conversations with me end up saying “Helena this was AMAAAAZING, how can I keep working with you?”

If YOU feel that way too, we can talk more about how I can help you to go from Crickets in the Bedroom to Delicious Sexy Love instead.

Is this confidential?

Yes, of course!

I will be absolutely private, woman to woman conversation!
Your answers will help me understand what women are struggling with and what you can do to get the spark back.

We will make it fun and relaxing... and maybe a little cheeky too…

Find the best fitting time, we only need about 30 minutes


Hi, I’m Helena Summer, a Professional Love Coach for High Achievers, with over two decades of experience… (and if you are calculating my age, yes, I began in kindergarten)

At the age of 29, I experienced shame and misery because my own husband lost all interest in me. We were only married for 3 months when crickets moved into our bedroom and caused the divorce. I couldn’t help my own marriage and was too embarrassed to ask for help.

This topic is fascinating and absolutely beautiful, it got me to devote my life to creating a more peaceful and playful world, one bedroom at the time.

Do you like down-to-Earth practical approach and truth bombs? Working with me is like staying in a Luxury boutique hotel. White glove service and artisan-made chocolates!

You’ll walk out feeling refreshed and delicious!

Helena Summer

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